Please review the following guidelines for semen shipments from Spring Hill Farms:

  • All fees including the stallion fee, farm fee, courier and shipping charges must be paid prior to any semen shipment. There will be no exception.
  • A copy of mare’s registration or registration number must be on file with Spring Hill Farms.
  • Shipping charges are accrued EACH time semen is shipped. The cost of a Fed-Ex shipment is $350 and counter to counter shipments will be assessed a fee of $400 (which includes a $150 courier fee to transport the Equitaner to the airport).
  • Farm pickups will be assessed a fee of $125.
  • All shipping charges, by whatever method, are the responsibility of the mare owner.
  • Spring Hill Farms requests that ALL semen orders be made on the day PRIOR to the collection day. Those ordering semen should contact our office no later than 9 AM on the collection day to CONFIRM the semen order.
  • When a shipment departs Spring Hill Farms, ALL LIABILITY for shipments not received, for whatever reason, are borne by the mare owner. If Spring Hill Farms can recover a refund, it will be passed back to the client.
  • A contract for cooled semen does not guarantee that semen will be available on the day you submit your request. Semen may only be requested on regularly scheduled breeding days. Please review the 2023 collection schedule below. Stallions will not be collected on a non-breeding day. No exceptions will be made.
  • Early notice is appreciated for semen orders, semen will be dosed and shipped on a first come first serve basis.

Please note our 2024 collection schedule will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting February 5 through June 14, 2024. View the collection calendar here.

Shipping and pickup fees are as follows:

Service Fee
Fedex Overnight service for cooled semen $350.00
Counter to Counter service (cooled semen) with United or American Airlines $400.00
Fedex for Frozen Semen Call for pricing
Courier Fee $150.00
Farm Pickup $125.00

Items required before semen will be shipped:

  • Stud fee paid in full
  • Copy of mare’s registration or registration number on file with Spring Hill Farms
  • Shipping fees paid in full

To place a semen order please call Jade at 337-522-0805.