Spring Hill Farms offers a variety of boarding options to serve our clients. We take pride in providing personalized attention and care to help ensure your breedings are successful from collection to foaling. Spring Hill Farms also welcomes weanlings and yearlings for year-round boarding and sale preparation. We accept consignments for the LQHBA, Ruidoso and Heritage Place yearling sales.

Year Round Boarding FEE
Dry Mare $16.00 per day
Weanling $15.00 per day
Yearling $18.00 per day
Weaning – Halter, Wash Rack & Walker Breaking $25.00 per day
Breading Season Boarding FEE
Dry Mare Under Lights $25.00 per day
Wet Mare $30.00 per day
Pasture $18.00 per day
Private Paddock $35.00 per day
Foal Out Service $550.00
Recip Mare After Confirmed Heartbeat $16.00 per day
Donor Mare Board $24/Day – Dry
  $28/Day – Wet
Sale Preparation FEE
Fitting & Board $26.00 per day
Sale Consignment $500 or 5% of sell price, whichever is greater